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All GTA 6 Cities And Towns Revealed In Recent Leak

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GTA 6 Fan Art

Following a major leak of developmental footage gameplay for GTA 6, new information has emerged that could potentially reveal all of the locations and events in Vice City for the upcoming game.

Despite fans eagerly anticipating an official reveal from Rockstar Games, the studio has remained silent for several months.

However, a series of leaks from 2022 has given fans a glimpse of what to expect, including a return to Vice City and a female protagonist. After analyzing the leaked footage, fans have compiled a list of potential locations and events that may feature in the game.

On Reddit, a user named ‘tusstaster’ created a compilation of all the cities and towns present in GTA 6 along with their locations. The list includes 12 cities and towns, with Vice City being the main one, but there are several other noteworthy locations as well.

The complete list includes: Port Gellhorn, Ambrosia, Redhill, LO, Sundown, Copperhead, Yorktown, Lake Leonida, Ekanfinika, Hamlet, and Domed Hills.

Moreover, there are certain unique places like a pair of shopping centers, a woodland, a seaside complex, and even racetracks.