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GTA 6 Map Looks Huge In A Recent Leak

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GTA 6 Fan Art

Recently, a screenshot of the grand map of Vice City in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 has been circulating causing a stir. Despite Rockstar Games not yet confirming the location of the highly anticipated sequel, sources close to the game indicate that it will take place in Florida-based Vice City.

This was supported by a large leak last year which included an early build of the game and a great deal of media, including gameplay footage, which provided a peek into the content.

This material has been gaining traction again and the latest leak to resurface is an image of one of the two protagonists in a cityscape with the downtown Vice City in the distance, suggesting a huge map. This was posted to the GTA 6 subreddit by a user who noted that the same distance in Los Santos in GTA 5 would take you away from the city. This implies that Vice City’s map is going to be dramatically vast.