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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Leaked

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Hogwarts Legacy

According to a recent leak, it looks like Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2022. The game is said to be an open-world RPG which means players will be able to explore the wizarding world like never before.

Recently, Hogwarts Legacy may have received a potentially substantial leak from Amazon’s UK retailer. The retailer now lists a compendium art book titled The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World that is available for pre-order. Notably, the art book has now been spotted with a release date of December 6 on the UK version of the site.

While an official release date has not been announced yet, the leak seems pretty accurate. So, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, start saving up your galleons now! Hogwarts Legacy is sure to be an amazing game that will transport players into the magical world they’ve always dreamed of.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.