Insider Claims That GTA 6 Could Be ‘Disappointing’

Long-awaited follow up to Grand Theft Auto series could leave a lot of fans “disappointed,” as the latest leak suggests.

As reported by Rockstar Games insider, AccNGT, shared a message on Twitter saying that “some people don’t realize how chaotic the development is.”

It is also stated that they believe there will be “disappointment” for many regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. They confirm that they’re not talking about Grand Theft Auto 6‘s graphics, implying those will obviously impress, but rather “some aspects” of the game are going to disappoint. This could be tied to recent comments that Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t as “funny” or “edgy” as past games, or that it’s potentially more of an online game than players expect.

Furthermore, they added that if Grand Theft Auto 6 is announced in 2021 or in early 2022, “we can be really worried.” The implication is that GTA 6 isn’t ready to be announced, and if it is, that means Rockstar or its parent company Take-Two are pushing the game’s development faster than it should be.

A lot of previous rumors claimed that Rockstar had rebooted the development of GTA 6 following the departure of co-founder and writer Dan Houser. That has, obviously, not been officially confirmed or commented on.