It Appears That Setting Your PS5 Vertically Isn’t As Much Of A Concern As Previously Suggested

Not long ago, a report from brought terror to some PS5 owners when it suggested that keeping the console in vertical orientation could bring irreversible damage!

It was initially believed to pertain only to unopened consoles left this way for too much time; however, the liquid metal inside of them can drip down and severely affect your device.

At first, it was believed that the same issue could affect those consoles in upright positions. However, after further investigation and review of the matter, we are now seeing indications that this may not be as serious a problem as initially thought.

To begin with, has released more information about their report that clarifies the PS5’s were not left untouched in a box but instead unopened to any repair stores or owners.

Spawn Wave of SpawnWaveMedia, a YouTuber who was previously in the console repair business for years prior to his YouTube career, doesn’t believe that this should be much of an issue given Sony’s extensive barrier around the liquid metal and his expertise with cooling liquids.