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Microsoft’s In-Game Advertising Patent Could Bring Targeted Ads to Your Favorite Games

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Xbox Series S

Microsoft has just filed a patent for technology that could allow it, and/or game publishers to show personalized in-game ads. This means that these will be targeted ads that will be shown based on your interests. For example, if you love playing first person shooters, you might see an ad for a new first person shooter game while you’re playing one. In-game advertising isn’t a new concept, but this would be taking things to the next level.

Though this technology is still in its early stages, the patent could be a sign of things to come for games on Microsoft’s Xbox platform. In-game ads are currently commonplace on mobile games, but they have yet to really make their way into console gaming. With this new patent, Microsoft could be looking to bring targeted in-game ads to Xbox players in the future.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the patent or whether it plans to move forward with the technology, but it’s certainly an interesting development for gamers everywhere. If implemented properly and responsibly, personalized in-game advertising could be another way for game developers and publishers to monetize their titles.